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Car dealer fraud. Auto dealer fraud attorney. Buy an As Is auto. 404.288.4444  Been cheated or lied to by a used car dealer? Don’t put up with auto fraud. 15 Ways to beat “As Is”

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Car dealer As Is fraud. Auto dealer fraud. Are you a victim of car dealer sales fraud? Buy an ‘As Is’ auto that has prior wreck damage? No title, no emissions? Don’t put up with it. We can help you fight back. Lee Legal is an auto fraud attorney firm in Conyers Georgia. We fight auto fraud in the Conyers Covington Clayton Cobb DeKalb Gwinnett Henry Madison Monroe Walton metro Atlanta area. You don’t have to fight the car dealer alone, we can help. Call us. 404.288.4444

Car dealer fraud is everywhere, everyday. Car dealers find it is very profitable to sell a previously wrecked vehicle without disclosing the damage to the buyer. Or to sell a car or truck with mileage rollback issues, or to sell a vehicle that they cannot provide title on. Car dealers will sale cars and trucks that cannot pass emissions test.

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Auto fraud is rampant and epidemic in the state of Georgia. As car dealers find new and creative ways to cheat the consuming public more and more Georgia auto buyers are swindled, cheated and lied to. Consumers are separated from their hard earned money. Don’t put up with auto fraud. Fight back.