Autocheck Carfax and car fraud

Autocheck Carfax fraud


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Autocheck and Carfax can be used by dealers to misrepresent the vehicle’s condition or title.

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Is the report up to date?

Would a used car dealer use an incomplete damage report to sell you a damaged vehicle? That's all you gotta ask yourself.

Used car dealers like to use Carfax reports to mislead customers into believing a vehicle is damage free because the Carfax report shows no prior damage. Georgia car dealers know a Carfax report is not always up to date. But a consumer buying a vehicle may not know that the Carfax report is not up to date. Sometimes important collision information hasn’t reached the report. The car or truck could have been purchased recently by the dealer at an auction or out of state with recent damage that may not be on the Carfax.  Dealers know this, but they want the customer think the vehicle is okay. So the dealer uses Carfax to mislead the customer about prior damage.

Carfax is not the only source for information. There is AutoCheck and the national DMV site NMVTIS. Carfax may show data that AutoCheck does not and vice versa. Even if you pull both reports you don’t know if they are accurate and up to date, so don’t be mislead by the dealer when they wave around the reports. The dealer has had a chance to look over the vehicle and they have heard what the auction house or out of state owner had to say. They know if the Carfax or AutoCheck is up to date.