Bankruptcy and Credit Score

Bankruptcy credit reports and credit scores can have errors.

Credit reports and credit scores after bankruptcy discharge can have errors that cause credit or job denial, higher interest or rental turn down. Check your credit report and credit score. Call us about what to do if you believe the report or score is not right.

A credit report after bankruptcy can have errors that cause a credit denial. If you are in the process of getting a loan or mortgage the incorrect credit report will most likely, if not for certain, stop the loan process until you get the credit report fixed. Post bankruptcy credit report errors can hurt you get an apartment if a landlord believes the credit report, or it can hurt your chances for new employment if the credit report is viewed by a prospective employer. Credit reports can cause you damage and stress before you even know about the errors.

Don’t wait, pull your credit about 60 days after you get a bankruptcy discharge. Click this free credit report link and get a real credit report from Equifax, Experian or Transunion (or get all three). If you see any problem with the credit report call me, email me or use our quick online contact form. Do not dispute the credit report online, you can be causing yourself more problems and possibly waiving some of your rights. Lee Legal can help you get your credit report errors fixed. And if the creditor or the credit reporting agency does not fix it quickly you can sue and recover damages and have our attorney fees paid by the offending party. Your credit report after bankruptcy is more important to you than it was before your bankruptcy. If the credit report is wrong then you have a legal right to have it fixed. You spent money and time to get your bankruptcy discharge. You deserve, and are legally entitled, to a correct credit report.

Just because you filed bankruptcy, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, does not mean that you have to put up with an incorrect credit report.

Credit report issues cause stress, and stress is hard. Call us. Don’t fight the fight alone. Incorrect credit reports will hurt your credit rating and your credit score.

Credit reports after bankruptcy can have reporting errors. Your post bankruptcy credit report needs to be correct.

Some of the bankruptcy credit report errors and illegal actions by creditors and debt collectors include:

  • Impermissible credit report pull. A discharged creditor or debt collector has no business or legal right to pull your credit report after bankruptcy. They are not owed a debt and there is no longer an account. The impermissible credit report pull can be from an error or on purpose, but it is not legal under any circumstance. It hurts your credit rating and credit score.
  • Incorrect reporting of a balance or not showing a zero balance.
  • Charge off being reported after the cut off date that was imposed by the bankruptcy filing.
  • A creditor’s trade line does not show that the debt was included in the bankruptcy filing. This is sometimes done on purpose so that the creditor can sell the debt to a debt buyer who will then try to collect the debt from you after the bankruptcy discharge. Debt buyers do not want to buy a debt that was listed in a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.
  • Incorrect payment history.
  • Incorrect account status.
  • Re-aging an account through inaccurate reporting of the account status or account history which makes the trade line reporting restart the fall off period.
  • Mortgage creditor or mortgage servicer mistakes regarding the reporting of your mortgage.
  • Not all errors come from the creditors, some can come from the credit reporting agency itself.
  • Post bankruptcy credit report errors can come from a reseller of credit reports. Most resellers deal with mortgage lenders, landlords or provide employment background checks and truck driver screenings. The resellers merge all of the Big 3 reports (Equifax, Experian and Transunion) and public records into a single easy to read tri-merge report.
  • Debt collectors and debt buyers report discharged bankruptcy debt to credit reports as a tool of collection. They raise the price of poker by putting the debt on your credit report in the hopes that you will pay something to make it go away so you can complete a held up loan transaction.
  • Landlord tenant rent history is sometimes misreported by a debt collector or the landlord itself. The history is maintained on specialized credit reports used by the mortgage lender and landlord industry.
  • Errors can be on any one of the reports furnished by the approximate 682 credit, job, medical, insurance, landlord, mortgage, reseller, truck driver screenings or other reporting agencies that keep and provide data on you.
  • Lee Legal can help. There are ways to find this bad data and get it corrected before the data causes you credit denial, missed job opportunity, higher insurance rates or denial of rental housing.You should never try fix your credit report problems by hiring an online credit repair outfit or a credit repair attorney. Credit repair can wreck your credit report for years.

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