ID Theft Tips

Identity Theft.

If Identity Theft Happens Protect Yourself .

When Bad Things Happen To Your Good Name. Such as mixed credit report or identity theft.

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  • Stay safe online. http// is not https//. When you’re giving personal or financial information on a web site such as paying for a purchase or checking bank information the ‘url’ letters at the beginning of the web address bar should change from “http” to “https”. This indicates the web site address will encrypt or scramble your information and transmit it safely.
  • Guard your financial information. You should only disclose your credit card or bank account number to a company when you are actually buying something. Otherwise don’t.
  • Keep your Social Security away from others. Do not give out your social security number unless you are sure who you are giving it to. And know why they need it. There is no reason why your health insurer or others cannot give you another ID number if you are uncomfortable having your social security number used as an ID number.
  • Beware of phone or email phishing. Don’t give any information to a caller or emailer claiming to be from a company you do business with and asking for personal or financial information. Be suspicious of anyone who contacts you for information. The real company should already have the information in their file. You can always contact the real company if you have doubts about a contact.
  • Keep track of your mail. Always pick up, and put up, your mail promptly. Do not leave your mail in the mail box any longer than needed. And if you live in an apartment always mail your monthly payments from a drop box or the post office.
  • Have your name removed from ‘pre-approved’ credit marketing lists. Those mailings for pre-approved credit offers that you get now and then are very useful to an identity thief. You can log into the Georgia ‘Office of Consumer Affairs’ and obtain a phone number from their web to call and have your name removed from these ‘pre-approved credit’ lists.
  • Check your credit reports regularly.