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In Georgia there is a specific process for lemon law claims. A consumer could also bring a civil suit seeking to revoke acceptance of the vehicle. Georgia does not have a used car lemon law, so anyone seeking relief from a used car purchase will instead look to the laws of contract rescission, revocation and rejection of acceptance; in addition to fraud and unfair and deceptive acts.

Both new and used car buyers have consumer rights under the Georgia Uniform Commercial Code. The Georgia Uniform Commercial Code allows a buyer to seek revocation or rejection of acceptance and be free of the contract by unwinding the deal. In addition both new and used car buyers have rights against the assignee, called the ‘holder of the security interest’ (the creditor who you are paying), based on the Federal Trade Commission regulation referred to as the FTC Holder Rule. The FTC Holder Rule is used with the contract rescission or revocation laws and allow the buyer to seek recovery from the holder, creditor who you are paying, for any rights or defenses the buyer has against the car dealer.
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