Georgia Odometer Fraud

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Georgia auto dealers use odometer fraud to cheat consumers. 404-288-4444

Americans buy close to 450,000 cars and trucks each year. And each year auto dealers use odometer fraud to cheat consumers out of hundreds of millions of dollars. Mileage rollback is common. Odometer fraud generates huge profits for auto dealers and leaves the consumer with a worthless car and big repair bills. Today’s new digital odometers have done little to nothing to stop it. On board car computers and clusters can be hacked. The paper trail required by state and federal vehicle title recording laws can sometimes disclose odometer fraud.

Odometer fraud can happen on a new car purchase or used car purchase. It can include an inoperable or replaced odometer. 404.288.4444

Federal odometer disclosure law damages can be $10,000 or triple the buyer’s actual damages, whichever is higher. and the offending parties have to pay the buyer’s attorney fees. Georgia odometer law is similar to the federal odometer law and can add another $1,500 to the buyer’s odometer claim.

See our Autocheck & Carfax page or you can get a report from the vendors at NMVTIS. On average a consumer will drive approximately 12,000 – 14,000 miles per year according to industry standards.