Car dealer fraud. ‘As Is’. Auto dealer fraud attorney. 

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15 Ways to beat “As Is”

Car dealer fraud. ‘As Is’. Auto dealer fraud, prior wreck damage, odometer mileage fraud, no title, car will not pass emissions, ‘as is’ no warranty.  Are you a victim of auto dealer fraud or deception? Was the vehicle misrepresented to you. Fraud, unfair or deceptive acts, electronic signature fraud and consumer credit report errors. Call or email Lee Legal today.

Check the title history
Georgia Used Car Licensing Board

We fight auto dealer and car sales fraud in the metro Atlanta area. ‘As Is’ can be auto fraud. Auto dealer fraud attorney.

Auto dealer fraud attorney, Buy an As Is auto that has prior wreck damage. Auto dealer fraud can stick you with a bad car and a bad deal and violate the Truth-In-Lending TIA laws in the process. Car dealer fraud in Georgia happens everyday. When consumers buy an As Is auto, auto dealers will often conceal or misrepresent about prior wrecks, emission testing, title, lending violation.

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We fight car dealer fraud in the metro Atlanta area, including the Conyers Covington Clayton Cobb DeKalb Fulton Gwinnett Henry Madison Rockdale Walton area. When you buy an As Is auto you have consumer law rights.

Selling a vehicle with prior collision, prior damage, salvage or flood damage is a problem in Georgia. A lot of wrecked or flood vehicles come from out of state and pass from one dealer to another. No one should have to put up with being tricked into buying a vehicle with prior collision, prior damage, salvage or flood damage. Georgia law allows you to demand rescission or revocation. Check the title history. Title branding on a vehicle title discloses if the Georgia Department of Revenue DMV has “branded” the vehicle as a salvage or flood title. As well as show who the prior owner of the vehicle was. Lee Legal serves Clayton, Cobb, DeKalb, Gwinnett, Henry, Newton, Rockdale, Walton county and south and east Metro Atlanta area. Serving Athens to Jonesboro since 1979.