Autocheck Carfax and car fraud

Autocheck and Carfax auto fraud.

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Autocheck and Carfax can be used by dealers to misrepresent the vehicle’s history, condition or title.

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Would a used car dealer use an incomplete damage report to sell you a damaged vehicle? Used car dealers like to use Carfax reports to mislead customers into believing a vehicle is damage free because the Carfax report shows no prior damage. Georgia car dealers know a Carfax report is not always up to date. Sometimes important information hasn’t reached the report.  Dealers know this – consumers don’t. Dealers will use inaccurate  Carfax and AutoCheck reports to mislead the customer. Vehicle history reports are issued by Carfax, AutoCheck and vendors of the national DMV site NMVTIS. Carfax may show data that AutoCheck does not and vice versa. The dealer has had days to look over the vehicle and they have information from the auction house or prior owner.