Credit Report Errors

Credit report not correct? You should dispute credit report errors. We take certain credit report cases on a contingency fee with no upfront attorney fee. 404.288.4444. or [email protected]

Lee Legal is a Georgia credit report law office. Lee Legal practices credit report law in the Atlanta metro area. We only take credit report cases in the state of Georgia. We are not a credit repair organization, Mr. Lee is a Fair Credit Reporting Act and auto fraud attorney.

If you believe you have a legitimate dispute contact us. You have a legal right to dispute credit report errors. Credit report not correct? Contact us.  We only take clients in Georgia.

We handle credit report problems with Equifax, Experian or Transunion and credit report identity theft.

Click for Free Credit Report from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion and review your credit report. This link will take you to ‘’. You are entitled by federal law to one free report per agency per year. Credit report errors, inaccurate credit file and consumer reports mistakes are more common than you might think. Lee Legal is a Georgia credit report law office. Dispute credit report errors. Credit report not correct.

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Credit report and credit file inaccurate?

Credit report disputes, credit report errors and mixed credit reports are some of the credit report problems we handle. We serve the metro Atlanta area. We offer a free phone consultation on credit report problems dealing with inaccurate credit file information. Call us if you need to talk to a credit report lawyer? We are not a credit repair agency, we do not handle credit repair such as disputing accurate credit information on a credit report. If you have inaccurate credit file information or credit report errors then Mr. Lee will be happy to talk with you. As a Georgia consumer you have certain consumer law rights whenever your credit or your personal identification is being misreported or mixed, or is the subject of identity theft.
You have a legal right to dispute credit report errors. If your credit report is not correct – you can get it fixed.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act provides for a ‘dispute process’ to help you fix inaccurate information. Sometimes the dispute process works fine, other times it does little to nothing to fix the problem.

Credit report errors can occur in numerous ways. One is a mixed file where your credit file is mixed with another persons credit file. Another is when a credit furnisher furnishes inaccurate credit file information. Sometimes the credit reporting agency itself will put inaccurate information in a credit file. Sometimes the credit file information problem may look like one thing, but its another. A mixed credit report problem may turn out to be ID theft, or the problem may look like ID theft but really be a furnisher error. Errors can show inaccurate balances or wrong dates, or a creditor furnisher or collector could have deliberately re-aged a debt so it will extend beyond the 7 year fall off period. Credit file errors can include inaccurate credit data, incorrect prior employment information, criminal records that belong to another person and personal background and rent history mistakes. You have federal and state law consumer rights, and you can use those consumer rights to have credit report errors and credit report violations stopped. Call or email. 404.288.4444. or [email protected] Metro Atlanta credit report law. Serving Clayton Cobb DeKalb Fulton Gwinnett Newton Rockdale Walton, Athens Madison Monroe.

If any information is wrong, you have a legal right to have it fixed. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) applies to not only credit report agencies but also to furnishers of information about you or your credit. A furnisher could be Best Buy, a bank, Walmart, a prior employer or a landlord. Your credit file is populated with the data provided by furnishers. The larger agencies, such as Equifax, Experian and Transunion then take your credit and personal data and sell it to creditors, mortgage companies and landlords. Your credit file information is packaged and re-packaged and sold to anybody who will certify that they are pulling the data for a legitimate credit purpose and pays for the report.